Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day

While I think we do our part by recycling, not littering, turning lights off, etc, I do not consider myself a big environmentalist. I can though, with confidence say that Arthur is definitely more green and this year for Earth day we did something new! Sunoco was sponsering an Earth Day tree planting event at westminister ponds and Gracie had so much fun. Along with planting the tree, there was a bird of prey show, clowns, face painting, a scavenger hunt and exhibitions educating the crowd on being more "eco friendly". Heck, we even left with 4 new energy efficient light bulbs! lol!!! A-Channel News was also there and my little tv star made it on the news! It was only for about 2 seconds but she sure looked cute for those 2 seconds! Here's the link:
And here are some cute pics of our day:




P.S. Recognize the outfit Sheree?? I love it!


Kristin said...

I saw you guys looking very interested in the show! Yay for being on the news! Can you somehow keep that forever? We have the video from the couple times E was on the news too. How fun!

Happy belated Earth Day. :)

Cally D said...

Uhm, Lis, YOU were just as much a TV star as Grace lol. Her quest to stardom continues.... :)

Lisa G said...

Kristin- I don't know!!! I should look into it! What was E on the news for?

Cal- I don't look at hurts my eyes...

sheree said...

love the outfit!!! Gracie is just too cute, as always!